If any of your headsets fail to provision using the Device Setup app, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure all of your headsets are still turned on and plugged in.

    • You can tell a device is on by looking for the indicator button on the front of the headset.

  2. Make sure that your Android phone is connected to an open or WPA2 Wi-Fi network.

  3. Make sure that Bluetooth is still enabled on your Android phone. Bluetooth is automatically enabled on your Oculus headset.

  4. Once you've confirmed that devices are on and that Bluetooth and WiFi are active on your phone, tap Retry in the Device Setup app.

    • While you'll see successfully provisioned devices in the Device Setup app, the app will skip those and will only retry provisioning for failed or unprovisioned devices.

If you continue to experience issues with headsets that won't provision, please contact support.