Oculus for Business is no longer available for purchase. Learn about our latest VR for business offering, Meta Quest for Business here.

Important product information:

The last day to purchase the Oculus for Business SKU will be December 31, 2021. We will continue to support our current Oculus for Business customers as we evolve our offerings. Customers can continue using their Oculus for Business headsets without any changes to their experience or service in accordance with the Enterprise Use Agreement.

Discover how we’re evolving Oculus to enable the future of work.

Since we launched Oculus for Business, we’ve seen how VR can transform work by allowing people to do their jobs effectively from anywhere. We believe that VR has the potential to be the next major computing platform, and we want to ensure that every team and every business can benefit from using VR for collaboration, training, and remote work.
To do so, we’ve decided to build work capabilities into every Oculus headset we ship. Find out more about our vision for the future of work — and how your business can harness the power of VR to connect and collaborate like never before.
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