Getting Started

Note: Oculus for Business headsets must be provisioned using the Oculus for Business Device Setup app. If you provision your Oculus for Business headsets with the Oculus consumer operating system, either by connecting them to Wi-Fi or by using the Oculus consumer app, your headsets will not be able to use Oculus for Business.

In addition, the Oculus for Business operating system will not work on headsets that have been converted to the Oculus consumer operating system at any time.

For Oculus Quest 2 headsets, please review our Activation Best Practices.


Welcome to Oculus for Business

Oculus for Business offers a secure and reliable VR solution for enterprise customers. The offering includes software to set up and manage VR deployments, a tailored in-headset experience and enterprise-grade customer support.

Please read through this 4-step process in order to get started.

Important: Only Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets purchased through the Oculus for Business program can be activated through this procedure.

Activation requires a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Android phone running Oreo (OS 8.0) or higher and an Open / WPA2 Wi-Fi network capable of supporting 20 mbps with open connectivity to Facebook servers.

1. Set Up Account

Before activating your headsets, we'll make sure you've properly set up your Oculus for Business and Workplace by Facebook integration.

The following are the setup prerequisites for the Oculus for Business platform:
  • Open / WPA2 Wi-Fi network capable of supporting 20 mbps with open connectivity to Facebook servers.
  • Android Device running Oreo (8.0) or higher
    • Note: Android tablets are not supported for headset activation at this time.
  • Web server to host apps and OBBs/large files for deployment.
  • A corporate email account. Free emails such as Gmail or Yahoo are not currently compatible.
  • Enterprise Applications cannot use an Oculus ID or the Platform SDK.

1.1 - After purchasing and receiving your Oculus for Business headsets you will receive a welcome email. Follow the instructions in the email to log in to Workplace.

The welcome email is the only way for you to gain access to the free Workplace account granted by your Oculus for Business purchase. Do not attempt to setup your Oculus for Business account before receiving the welcome email.

1.2 - Accept the Oculus for Business integration and accept your Oculus for Business order.

You can also login directly to Device Manager to accept once sign up is complete.

2. Install Device Setup App

The Device Setup App will be used to activate your Oculus for Business headsets. Be sure to always use the latest version of the app.

2.1 - Once your orders have been confirmed and accepted, download the Device Setup App from Device Manager by following these instructions.

2.2 - Once installed, log in using your Workplace by Facebook credentials.

3. Stage Headsets

Lay out multiple headsets in such a manner that they can all be connected to power and powered on.

3.1 - Be sure all headsets are connected to power and have been charging for at least 30 minutes. Keep them connected to power throughout the activation process.

3.2 - Power on each headset by pressing the power/standby button until the LED is white. Powering on a headset will allow it to be recognized by the Device Setup app and activated.

3.3 - Be sure your phone is connected to power so it won’t run low or enter sleep mode during the activation process.

4. Activate Headsets

Once staging is complete, you will be ready to activate the headsets using the Device Setup App.

4.1 - Open the Device Setup app and log in using your Workplace by Facebook credentials. Tap Start Setup to open the Wi-Fi information dialog.

4.2 - Enter the Wi-Fi Network name and Password then tap Save.

Note: The Network Name and Password you enter are case- sensitive. Wi-Fi setup is only required once.

4.3 - Tap Set Up to begin headset activation. Each powered-on headset will be queued on the Configuration progress screen and listed by the serial number.

Activation Best Practices

Follow these best practices to help ensure successful headset activation:

  • Avoid touching or moving headsets during activation.

  • Wait for the Device Setup App to say Finalizing Setup on the connection progress screen. Confirm all headsets have the Configured status. If not, tap Rescan at the bottom of the screen.

  • Check Device Manager to ensure all headsets have the Active status, and that they're running the most recent version of the OS.

Device Setup App Video Tutorial

Configuration Status
  • During activation, the status for each headset will change from Unconfigured to Configured. Bulk activation timelines will vary, but activation may take a few hours depending on your Wi-Fi capability and the number of headsets you’re activating.

  • If you need to stop the process for any reason, tap “stop”. Once stopped, tapping “details” will let you see the activation status of each headset.

  • Once all headsets indicate Configured, power off those headsets. Repeat the activation process for another group of unactivated headsets by powering them on and tapping Set Up.

  • Once a headset is activated, you may power on the headset and view the VR Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE). Follow the steps displayed in each headset to complete the initial OOBE adjustments (e.g., headset lenses, strap arms, Guardian Boundary, etc.)

Activation Completed

Congratulations, you’ve completed your headsets activation process!

When all headsets have completed downloading the Oculus for Business software, you can then proceed to use the Device Manager to manage and deploy custom Enterprise apps to the headset.

To learn more about the Device Manager, watch the video tutorial below or go to Using Device Manager support section.

Device Manager Video Tutorial


Activation too slow
Up to 25 headsets can be activated simultaneously per batch. If activation seems too slow, activate fewer headsets simultaneously in the next batch.

Serial number isn’t displayed in Device Setup App or Device Manager
If you are unable to see your serial number in the Device Setup App. Ensure you have followed step 1 in your welcome email to successfully set up your Oculus for Business and Facebook Workplace integration. Also ensure you have accepted your order.

Can’t find the headset’s serial number
The 14-digit serial number for each headset is printed on the inside of the right-side strap above the QR code. For ease in identification, consider using a label maker to attach the serial number to each headset. Learn More.

Issues connecting to the Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi requires either an ‘open’ Wi-Fi network or WPA2 without a ‘captive portal’. If you do not have the Wi-Fi information, you will need to acquire it through your company’s Wi-Fi admin support.

The Serial Numbers on my headset don’t match my order confirmation
Please note that the order confirmation references your Box Serial Number and Device Manager/Device Setup App will reference the corresponding Headset Serial Number. Learn More.