Note: Oculus for Business headsets must be provisioned using the Oculus for Business Device Setup app. If you provision your Oculus for Business headsets with the Oculus consumer operating system, either by connecting them to Wi-Fi or by using the Oculus consumer app, your headsets will not be able to use Oculus for Business.

In addition, the Oculus for Business operating system will not work on headsets that have been converted to the Oculus consumer operating system at any time.

The Device Setup app is designed to allow you to scan multiple devices in the most efficient way possible. With that said, we recommend batching your scans in sets of 25 or fewer devices.

While the app can handle scanning more than 25 headsets at a time, if any of the provisioning fails, you’ll need to match the serial number to find correct headset. The process of locating the failed headset will be easier with a smaller group.