Note: If you haven't received an email from the sender below, you haven't been invited to join Oculus for Business yet. Please don't proceed with further steps until you receive an email invite from Oculus for Business.

Workplace by Facebook is the account management layer for Device Manager, the web portal used to manage headsets. Workplace connects to your company to allow administrators to use company login information on an Oculus headset.

To setup Workplace with Oculus for Business:

  1. Find the Oculus for Business setup email from one of these senders:



  2. If you received email instructions to sign up to Workplace or upgrade your existing, follow the steps within the email.

  3. From the Oculus for Business setup email and select Connect.

  4. Read the disclaimer listed, accept permissions and select Add to Workplace.

  5. Accept the terms to access your account. Navigate to Device Manager with your order receipt in view.

  6. Review the receipt and select Add devices to Device Manager to accept the order.

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