If you want to extend the battery life of your Oculus Quest 2, you can purchase the Quest 2 Elite Strap With Battery. This accessory enhances the fit and comfort of your Quest 2 with rigid straps, a rear hammock for weight distribution and extends the playtime of Quest 2.

Battery level monitoring

When you use the Elite Strap With Battery on your Quest 2, the main battery status indicators such as the LED on the side of your headset, and the main battery level shown in your headset, will show the combined battery level of your Quest 2 and Elite Strap With Battery. If you select the headset power icon in VR, it will show you a more detailed view of the battery status with separate charge levels for the internal headset battery and Elite Strap battery.

In addition to monitoring the color of the LED on your Quest 2, you can also see battery levels in-VR:

In your headset, on the universal toolbar, you'll see the combined level of your headset with your Elite Strap WIth Battery. You'll know that you're seeing the combined battery level when your headset icon is replaced by your headset with Elite Strap With Battery icon . You can also hover over the icon to see a breakdown of battery levels for your headset and Elite Strap With Battery.