Selecting a headset from the Device Fleet dashboard will show Overview information including:

  • Device Status

    • Unconfigured: Headset is staged for activation but has not gone through the activation process yet (Device Setup app).

    • Active: Connected in past 24 hours.

    • Offline / Unreported: Has not connected in 24 hours.

    • OS update available: Device is running an older operating system than available.

  • OS version

  • Headset battery level

  • Controller battery levels

  • Wi-Fi network

  • Other configured Wi-Fi networks

  • Last updated time

  • Controller ID numbers

  • Controller status

The Device Fleet dashboard allows you to view information, manage your headsets and perform administrative actions.

From here you can see things like device status, manage app deployment, assign and remove Wi-Fi networks and manage group assignments.

To export Device Manager information to a spreadsheet:

  1. From Device Manager, click Device Fleet at the top.

  2. Click Export Device Table.

The downloaded spreadsheet will contain the following information for each device in your fleet:

  • Serial number

  • Status

  • Group

  • Device type

  • OS version of the device