Hand tracking is a feature that allows you to use your hands instead of the Oculus Touch controllers to navigate in VR. With hand tracking enabled, the headset will use its cameras to detect the position and orientation of your hands.

Currently, this feature is only compatible with apps that have been designed for hand tracking, as well as Oculus Home. Hand tracking must be turned on by your Oculus for Business admin to use. You must also make sure you're on the latest operating system release.

To turn on hand tracking:

  1. From Device Manager, click Device Fleet.

  2. Click on the headset or group of headsets you want to enable hand tracking for, then click Settings.

  3. Click next to Hand Tracking, then select On.

  4. Review the Hand Tracking Data Collection information, then click Accept.

  5. Click Save.

From here, the headset will walk you through instructions on using hand tracking for the first time.