If any of your headsets fail to provision using the Device Setup app, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure all of your headsets are still turned on and plugged in.

    • You can tell a device is on by looking for the indicator button on the front of the headset.

  2. Make sure that your Android phone is connected to an open or WPA2 Wi-Fi network.

  3. Make sure that Bluetooth is still enabled on your Android phone. Bluetooth is automatically enabled on your Oculus headset.

  4. Once you've confirmed that devices are on and that Bluetooth and WiFi are active on your phone, tap Retry in the Device Setup app.

    • While you'll see successfully provisioned devices in the Device Setup app, the app will skip those and will only retry provisioning for failed or unprovisioned devices.

If you continue to experience issues with headsets that won't provision, please contact support.

To change or recover your Device Manager password:

  1. From the Workplace login page, click Forgot your password?.

  2. Enter the email addresss you use to access Device Manager, then click Next.

  3. Follow the remaining onscreen instructions to reset your password and log back into Device Manager once complete.

If you run into any issues with charging your Oculus for Business headset, try the following steps:

  • When charging, ensure your charging cable is connected to your headset properly. If you're not sure, unplug your charging cable from the headset and power brick, then plug it back in.

  • Make sure the LED light on the side of your headset is lit while charging. If the LED light is not lit Orange or Green, your headset is not being properly charged.

  • When your headset isn't charging and isn't in use, make sure that it is turned off or in sleep mode.

  • Make sure the proximity sensor in the headset is not blocked by the headset straps or other objects.

    • Note: The proximity sensor is located above the bridge of the nose for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets.

It’s important to adjust your straps and headset carefully. Keep in mind your limited warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or physical damages.

While adjusting your Oculus for Business headset straps:

  • Do not pull on straps excessively or with too much force.

  • Tighten straps one at a time.

To troubleshoot deploying an app to a single headset, try these steps:

  1. Reboot the headset to initiate a sync with Device Manager and the app should begin to download.

  2. Check the headset periodically while the app finishes downloading. The time to download can depend on size and internet speed. If there are still no signs of the app, reboot the headset again. This should begin the installation of the app if it has finished downloading.

  3. Confirm the app has downloaded and installed to your headset.

To troubleshooting deploying an app to a group of headsets, try these steps:

  1. From Device manager, move any headsets that failed to install the app out of the group and into All Devices.

  2. Delete the app from each indivual headset by clicking on the headset, clicking Apps, clicking next to the app that failed to install, then clicking Delete.

  3. Reboot the headsets.

  4. Add the app back to each headset by clicking on the headset, clicking Apps, clicking + Add, selecting the app from the drop down menu, then clicking Add App.

  5. Reboot the headsets.

  6. Confirm that the app has installed on each headset, then move the headsets back into the group in Device Manager.