To troubleshoot deploying an app to a single headset, try these steps:

  1. Reboot the headset to initiate a sync with Device Manager and the app should begin to download.

  2. Check the headset periodically while the app finishes downloading. The time to download can depend on size and internet speed. If there are still no signs of the app, reboot the headset again. This should begin the installation of the app if it has finished downloading.

  3. Confirm the app has downloaded and installed to your headset.

To troubleshooting deploying an app to a group of headsets, try these steps:

  1. From Device manager, move any headsets that failed to install the app out of the group and into All Devices.

  2. Delete the app from each indivual headset by clicking on the headset, clicking Apps, clicking next to the app that failed to install, then clicking Delete.

  3. Reboot the headsets.

  4. Add the app back to each headset by clicking on the headset, clicking Apps, clicking + Add, selecting the app from the drop down menu, then clicking Add App.

  5. Reboot the headsets.

  6. Confirm that the app has installed on each headset, then move the headsets back into the group in Device Manager.