Using MDM

Mobile device management (MDM) is the use of third party apps and websites to manage Oculus for Business headsets. You can install and setup MDM for your device fleet from Device Manager.

Oculus for Business supports the use of both MobileIron and Workspace ONE (formerly AirWatch).

Supported settings for MDM on Oculus for Business include:

From a web browser:

  • Remote wipe (factory resets the headset)

  • Unenroll (logs user out of MDM on the headset)

  • Remote lock (locks headset and user has to input device PIN)

  • Install and uninstall apps

  • Cert-based network connectivity

From a headset:

  • Install and uninstall apps

  • Enroll (log into MDM)

  • Install certificates

  • Create a device PIN

You can set up MDM for your Oculus for Business device fleet in Device Manager. Before you can begin, ensure that:

  • Headsets are provisioned and updated to at least v28 of Oculus for Business.

  • Third party MDM app is hosted and added to your Device Manager App Library.

  • You have MDM console credential logins.

To set up MDM for an Oculus for Business headset, you will need to set the MDM app as the device owner in Device Manager, and enroll the headset in the MDM app's web interface console. As a best practice, we recommend removing apps that have been installed on the headset before installing MDM.

To set up MDM in Device Manager:

  1. From Device Manager, click Apps at the top.

  2. Under App Library, click next to the third party MDM app you want to install, then click Update.

  3. Select the appropriate MDM for the app from the drop down menu under Mobile Device Management, then click Update App.

  4. Click Device Fleet at the top of Device Manager.

  5. Click the headset you want to install MDM on. This will bring up the headset's Overview.

  6. From the headset's Overview, click next to MDM Authority.

  7. Click next to MDM Authority App, then select the matching MDM app from the drop down menu.

  8. Click Save. The headset should factory reset.

  9. Reprovision the headset using the Oculus for Business Setup App.

    • While reprovisioning, do not pick up or attempt to use the headset.

    • You can monitor the progress of MDM installation from the headset's Overview in Device Manager.

After reprovisoning, the MDM app should open on the headset and ask for you to log in. Log in with your MDM console credentials to finish enrolling the headset.


  • If after reprovisioning the headset you don't see the MDM app open, reboot the headset.

  • MDM app will not be displayed on the headset's App Library in Device Manager.

  • MDM app will be displayed on the headset's Apps tab in VR.