Note: Oculus for Business headsets must be provisioned using the Oculus for Business Device Setup app. If you provision your Oculus for Business headsets with the Oculus consumer operating system, either by connecting them to Wi-Fi or by using the Oculus consumer app, your headsets will not be able to use Oculus for Business.

In addition, the Oculus for Business operating system will not work on headsets that have been converted to the Oculus consumer operating system at any time.

Up to 25 headsets can be activated simultaneously per batch. If you want to activate more headsets at one time, you can access your account from multiple phones. We recommend designating and creating an additional admin for each phone that you would like to use to set up your headsets.

To add additional Device Manager admins:

  1. Click People at the top of Device Manager.

  2. Type the person's name or email into the search bar under Add an Admin.

  3. Find their name in the drop-down list, and select add to Device Manager.

To add the Device Setup app to multiple phones:

  1. From your Device Manager's Device Fleet page, click Download Device Setup App.

  2. Enter another admin's email address to send them a link to download the Device Setup app.

  3. When they receive the email with the download link, have each admin download the app to a Samsung s10, Google Pixel 2 or Google Pixel 3 phone.

  4. Once the app is downloaded, launch the Device Setup app and have the admin log into the app using the same account that they use for Device Manager.