Please note, due to its light coloring, some hair dyes may come off on and change the color of your headstraps on your Quest 2. If this happens, you can wash your headstrap:

  1. Remove your headstrap from your Quest 2.

    1. Pull apart the velcro on the strap at the front of your headset.

    2. Gently remove one of the firm arms from the side of your headset.

    3. Slide the top strap off the detached firm arm.

  2. Use cold water and soap to clean your headset strap.

  3. Allow your headset strap to air dry, do not try to put it in a dryer.

  4. Reattach your headstrap to your Quest 2

    1. Slide the back loop of the headstrap over one of the detached firm arms.

    2. Move the headstrap back to it's original position so that its centered between the side straps.

    3. Slide the velcro part of the strap through the plastic loop at the top of the headset.

    4. Follow the fit steps listed above to adjust your headset until it's resting lightly on your face, and the picture is clear.