The universal menu lets you adjust system functions, access tools for sharing, and quickly launch apps. You can access the universal menu at any time by holding down the Oculus button. Keep in mind, the headset operating system must be updated to at least v19 to access the universal menu.

The universal menu contains:

  • Apps: See the apps that have been added to your app library. These apps are controlled and added by your administrator.

  • Settings: Includes all of your system level settings in one place. Here you can adjust options such as volume, Wi-Fi, Guardian, night display and reset your view.

  • Company Logo: Select this to access the Admin Panel.

  • Sharing: Select this to record video or take a photo. As an admin, you can also cast from the headset to another screen.

The universal menu also displays the charge level of your headset and controllers, the current time and the strength of your Wi-Fi connection.