This feature requires v23.

You can check the install status for all apps from your App Library.

To check app status:

  1. From Device Manager, click Apps.

  2. Under Installs, hover over the app you want to check the install status for and Progress Overview will appear.

From here, you can see the number of headsets the app has been deployed to, and the status of those installs. You can click View Details to view the specific app status for each individual headset

Possible app install statuses as follows:

  • Installed: The app has successfully installed.

  • Installing: The app is currently installing.

  • Unknown: These headsets are not communicating with Device Manager so the installation status is unknown. Please make sure each device is plugged in, powered on and connected to Wi-Fi then try again.

  • Failed: The app couldn't be installed on some devices due to file size, poor Wi-Fi signal or another error.