To add a self-hosted app to your Device Manager:

  1. Upload the app to a cloud storage location of your choice.

  2. Copy the URL of the app you want to upload to Device Manager.

  3. Test the app URL link in a separate browser tab to make sure the link automatically starts downloading the app.

    • URL redirects aren't supported and the headset won't be able to download apps. Test your URLs in Chrome or Safari for automatic download.

  4. From Device Manager, click Apps, then click Add App.

  5. Enter a name for your app under App Name, then enter the URL for the app under App Binary.

  6. Click Create. The app should now appear in the App Library.

    Keep in mind, the file size limits for apps are:

    • Maximum APK size: 1GB.

    • Maximum OBB size: 4GB (1 file supported with multiple assets).

    • Maximum size of a single asset: 2 GB.