Wearing Your Headset

To put your headset on:

  1. Loosen the side straps and then the top strap.

  2. Starting from the back, put your headset on.

    • Make sure to pull the back strap down until it cradles the base of your head.

    • If you’re wearing glasses, put the headset on from the front first.

  3. Tighten the side tabs and then top strap.

    • Make sure the straps aren't too tight. The headset should fit comfortably and shouldn't apply too much pressure on your face and head.

To adjust your view:

  • With your hands holding both sides of your headset, slowly move your headset up and down until the picture is clear and the headset feels comfortable.

  • If you wear glasses, learn more about prescription lenses for your Oculus for Business headset, or insert the glasses spacer into your headset prior to using it.

  • If the image in your headset isn't clear, you can use your left thumb to move the image slider on the left of the bottom of your headset to the left and right until the image is clear.