Before you wear your Oculus for Business headset with glasses, check to make sure the width and height of your frames are the following sizes:

  • Width: 142mm or less

  • Height: 50mm or less

Once you've made sure your glasses are the right size, insert the eyeglass spacer into your headset to provide a larger fit.

To insert the eyeglass spacer:

  1. Using your fingers, carefully remove the lens rings and set them aside:

    • Place your headset face-down on a flat, clean surface.

    • Hold the headset still with one hand, and pull upward from the outer edge of the lens ring until it comes loose. Repeat this step for the other lens ring.

  2. Remove the facial interface foam.

  3. Insert the eyeglass spacer and gently press the spacer in place.

    • When the eyeglass spacer is correctly set, it should not move or fall out of the headset easily.

  4. Re-insert the facial interface foam.

  5. Using your fingers, carefully press the lens rings back in place until they click.

To put on your headset with glasses:

  1. Loosen the side and top straps on your headset.

  2. Starting from the front, put your headset on over the top of your glasses.

  3. With the headset on your head, tighten the side straps and then the top strap to secure the headset.

To take off your headset with glasses:

  1. Loosen the side and top straps.

  2. With both hands, pull the headset forward and then take it off.