Resource files, known as opaque binary blobs or OBBs, allow you to deploy additional content files with your self-hosted apps. This might include a video file or asset that is used by your app.

To add a resource file, or OBB, to your self-hosted app:

  1. Copy the URI of the OBB file from your cloud storage account.

  2. From Device Manager, click Apps.

  3. Click next to the app you want to add an OBB to.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Click the switch to turn Advanced Configurations on.

  6. Click Add Resource File and fill in the listed fields.

    • The filename must be the name of the OBB file. Filenames and URLs ending with .obb must be used. Spaces aren't accepted.

  7. Make sure Application OBB Path is selected from the dropdown menu.

  8. Click Add resource file.

  9. Click Update to finalize the app information.

Keep in mind, the file size limits for apps are:

  • Maximum APK size: 1GB.

  • Maximum OBB size: 4GB (1 file supported with multiple assets).

  • Maximum size of a single asset: 2 GB.