Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode enables a greater degree of control over the in-VR experience for a company's employees or end users. As an admin, you can use Kiosk Mode to ensure that the headsets will only be used as intended, such as for training or other Oculus for Business enabled app experiences.

To enable Kiosk Mode:

  1. Select a headset from the Device Fleet dashboard in Device Manager.

  2. Select an ungrouped headset or headset within a group (Kiosk Mode will be enabled for all headsets in the group).

  3. With a headset selected, go to the Apps tab.

  4. Click on the switch to enable Kiosk Mode.

  • You can set the Default Kiosk Application to an app of choice.

  • Click on Save to confirm settings made.

Kiosk Mode will be enabled on the corresponding headset(s) after they sync with Device Manager. Rebooting the headset(s) will initiate a sync.

Once Kiosk Mode is enabled no changes can be made to the environment outside of the apps displayed.

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When Kiosk Mode is enabled anyone has access to settings such as brightness, volume and resetting the headset view.

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Currently, you can't customize your Home while using Oculus for Business.

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