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Oculus for Business Privacy Disclosure

Effective Date: October 11, 2020
Oculus for Business is a platform provided by Facebook, Inc., unless you reside in the European Union as defined in https://www.oculus.com/legal/territories/ , in which case it is provided by Facebook Ireland Limited (each, “ Facebook ,” “ we ,” “ our ,” “ us ”), to our enterprise customers that allows their users to experience virtual, mixed, and augmented reality (collectively, “ XR ”) products at work. We refer to these enterprise products and services as our “ Products ,” as further defined in the Oculus for Business Enterprise Use Agreement (the “ EUA ”, available at https://business.oculus.com/legal/enterprise-use-agreement/ ).
The Products are provided to you by your employer or other organization that has authorized your access to, and use of, the Products (your “ Organization ”). Your Organization is responsible for the collection, use, and sharing of any data that you submit or provide through the Products, and such processing is governed by the terms your Organization has in place with Facebook or its affiliates. This Oculus for Business Privacy Disclosure is intended to help your Organization understand and inform you about the collection, use, and sharing of information in connection with your use of the Products. If you have any questions about your use of the Products, please contact your Organization.
This Oculus for Business Privacy Disclosure governs your use of Enterprise Software (as defined in the EUA) on Oculus XR devices. The Products are separate from any other Facebook services that you may use, including Workplace or Consumer Software (as defined in the EUA) on any Oculus XR devices. Those other Facebook services are provided to you separately by Facebook and are governed by their own terms.
  1. 1.
    What kinds of information do we collect through the Products?
    In providing the Products, we collect the following kinds of information on behalf of your Organization when you, your colleagues, or other users access or use the Products, and this information will be available to your Organization:
    • List of device serial numbers purchased by your Organization.
    • User IDs, names and email addresses for administrative users authorized to manage devices for your Organization.
    • Information related to device status and performance, such as the battery life, OS version, controller pairing status, last time active, the rate at which your device displays images, or memory usage.
    • Device settings and configurations, such as a list of installed apps, behavior configured to the Oculus button, and whether Kiosk mode or Guardian mode has been turned on or off.
    • Information about your interactions with the Products, including information about your interactions with features, applications, or other experiences.
    • Information about how you access our Enterprise Software, including the type of device you’re using and your Internet Protocol address.
    • Anonymized data collected when an app you are using crashes, such as which app was running, recent actions performed in the app, and information related to device health, settings and configurations. This anonymized data is used to identify and fix bugs and other technical issues and to improve the Products, and may be provided to app developers to help them identify and fix bugs in their apps.
    • Information collected in or through cookies, local storage, and similar technologies on our device management website (additional information about these technologies is available at https://www.workplace.com/work/legal/FB_Work_Cookies ).
    We may also generate aggregated data, such as the average number of devices per organization, and the percentage of end users in your Organization that use our key features, to help deliver and improve our Products.
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    How do we use this information?
    As the provider of the Oculus for Business platform on behalf of your Organization, we use this information to provide, support, and improve the Products for your Organization, consistent with the EUA and any other agreements we may have with your Organization. Examples of such use include:
    • Enabling your Organization’s administrators to monitor and manage devices within your Organization;
    • Communicating with administrators regarding their use of the Products;
    • Providing technical and customer support to your Organization;
    • Developing and improving tools, products or services within the Products for your Organization;
    • Identifying and fixing bugs or other technical issues that may be present;
    • Enhancing the security and safety of the Products for your Organization and other users, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of applicable terms and policies; and
    • Conducting data and system analytics, including research to improve the Products.
    These activities are conducted in connection with the performance of the EUA and the provision of the Products.
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    How do we share this information?
    The Products help your Organization and its users engage with the XR ecosystem and others that interact with it. To provide and support the Products, we may share certain information collected about you through the Products on behalf of your Organization, including:
    • Service providers . We may share the information on behalf of your Organization with our affiliates, contractors, and third-party vendors and service providers who work at our direction to support the Products, such as providing customer service or technical support.
    • Sharing with third-party content providers used by your Organization . Your Organization may configure the Products to allow you to interact with third-party content, apps, and other experiences through the Products. Third-party content providers may also collect information from you directly through the experiences they provide. Please note that any information shared with these (or other) third parties will be subject to those third parties’ own privacy policies, not this privacy disclosure.
    • Other types of sharing and disclosures . We also may disclose information pursuant to our agreements with your Organization, including the EUA. For example, if your Organization uses our Workplace services, the information collected through the Products may be integrated with Workplace to provide the Workplace services to your Organization.
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    Where do we store and process this information?
    We may store and process this information in any country where we or our service providers operate, consistent with applicable law. This may include countries outside the country where you or your Organization are located.
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    How can you access and modify your information?
    The Products provide your Organization with functionality to assist in accessing, correcting, exporting, or modifying or suspending the use of information collected through the Products. Accordingly, any such user requests should be directed to your Organization.
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    How long do we retain this information, and how can you delete your information?
    We retain this information as needed to provide the Products to your Organization, or as otherwise permitted under the EUA or any other agreements we may have with your Organization or applicable law. The length of time may depend, for example, on how long your Organization has an account with us or whether retention is advisable in regard to applicable statutes of limitation.
    The Products provide your Organization with functionality to delete data. Accordingly, any user requests for deletion of data should be directed to your Organization.
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    This Oculus for Business Privacy Disclosure may be updated from time to time. When updated, the “Effective date” above will be amended and the new Privacy Disclosure will be posted online.
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    If you have any questions or requests related to the Products, please contact your Organization via your Organization’s Human Resources department.
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