It's important to promote hygiene and safety best practices when using Oculus Quest across your workforce. Do not share headsets with persons with contagious conditions, infections or disease. Learn more about health and safety when using an Oculus device.

For advice relating to specific contagious conditions such as COVID-19, we suggest following the guidance from your local health authorities and the World Health Organization.

Bear in mind that cosmetic wear and tear and physical damages aren't covered under warranty.

Headset and Controllers

  • Wash your hands before using headsets and handling shared equipment. Use nitrile gloves while cleaning and dispose of gloves after each use. Between cleanings, either wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser.

  • Clean devices between each use with non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes. Suggested cleaning products include Wexford Cleancide or Lysol wipes. When using these products, wet the surface until it is visibly wet. The surface should remain wet for 10 minutes. Let the equipment air dry, then wipe off the remaining cleaning solution with a dry microfibre cloth.

  • For devices that do not have wipeable facial interfaces available, use barrier masks while following the same cleaning guidelines noted above between use. Replace and discard barriers after each use.

Headset Lenses

  • Use a dry optical lens microfibre cloth to clean your headset lenses. Don't use liquid, alcohol-based or chemical cleansers.

  • Starting from the centre of the lens, gently wipe the lens in a circular motion moving outwards.

Note: Alcohol wipes should not be used on lenses as they can damage them. Alcohol wipes should only be used on other headset components. Use with caution.

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