Oculus for Business offers a secure and reliable VR solution for enterprise customers. The offering includes software to set up and manage VR deployments, a tailored in-headset experience and enterprise-grade customer support.

These are the steps involved to complete the Oculus for Business setup process:

  • Account Setup: Steps required to sign up for Workplace and login to Oculus for Business for the first time.
  • Preparation: Steps required to prep the the devices for activation.
  • Activation: The Device Setup App is an Android app that will be used to bulk activate headsets.
  • Manage: Device Manager is a web console used to monitor headset status, manage apps, settings and OS updates.

The following are the setup prerequisites for the Oculus for Business Platform.

High level Prerequisites

  • Open / WPA2 Wi-Fi network capable of supporting 20 mbps with open connectivity to Facebook servers.

  • Android Device running Oreo (8.0) or higher. Note: Android tablets are not supported for headset activation at this time.

  • Web server to host apps and OBBs/large files for deployment.

  • A Workplace account is required for Oculus for Business.

  • Enterprise Applications cannot use an Oculus ID or utilize the Platform SDK.

Detailed Prerequisites

  • Wi-Fi network capable of supporting at least 20 mbps.

    • During the device setup process, each headset will download a 1 gigabyte OS update
    • During normal operations, each headset will download and update large enterprise apps
  • Staging Wi-Fi network required for device setup: WPA2 (passphrase) without captive portal.

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