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Security and trust with Oculus For Business.

VR solutions designed for corporate environments must have a strong security foundation. That’s why we built Oculus for Business on the security infrastructure and privacy practices of the Workplace by Facebook platform. This includes strong data center security controls, teams of security experts who monitor and combat threats 24/7, multiple layers of encryption, and advanced technologies like machine learning. We’ve also adopted Workplace policies for giving organizations complete control and ownership of the data used in their VR applications. By continuing to integrate and evolve Workplace and Oculus for Business, we’ll empower employees to collaborate more productively, unleash innovation, and achieve their full potential.

The Oculus for Business solution

Security from the inside out.

Delivering security within Oculus for Business solutions starts within the headsets themselves. Data is encrypted at rest on the headsets using AES-256 XTS, and, if desired, administrators can lock each headset with a PIN. Data transmitted between the head sets and backend servers is encrypted with the industry-standard TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 protocols.
Beyond the headsets’ built-in security capabilities, Oculus has created two core elements to ensure their secure deployment and operation, as well as company and employee privacy. The first element is a mobile Device Setup app, and the second is a Device Manager web portal. To initiate a deployment, credentialed administrators will log into the Device Setup app. This app connects to each VR headset over Bluetooth, validates the enterprise license, and initiates an over-the-air software update.
In addition, Oculus collects device-specific data required for the provisioning and remote management of its VR headsets, including: the device serial numbers associated with each organization; user IDs; names and emails of administrators authorized to manage the headsets; device health information (such as battery life and last-time active); and various configuration settings.
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