Software designed for business.

From ease of launch to a focused in-headset experience, Oculus for Business is both enterprise-ready and user-friendly.

Simple setup

Oculus for Business can be easily managed by either one person or a team. Our IT management tools allow you to deploy a fleet of devices in just a few quick steps.

Easy management

Device Manager gives you direct access, visibility, and control of all Oculus for Business headsets at the same time, from one place. You can remotely install, uninstall, update, wipe, and administer applications across multiple devices and locations without physically accessing the headsets themselves.

Professional experiences

An in-headset app launcher displays only the apps your administrator has installed, with no distracting consumer features like store or video apps. Kiosk mode enables admins to assign dedicated devices to a single app experience, and, for experiences that do not require controllers, administrators can set controller-free settings and let users drive the experience.
The first year of your Oculus for Business software subscription is included with your purchase. Your recurring subscription will renew at $180/year/device after the first 12 months.

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