Oculus for Business is no longer available for purchase. Learn about our latest VR for business offering, Meta Quest for Business here.

Sunset Notice - We will be sunsetting Oculus for Business on April 24th, 2024

Oculus for Business will be sunset on April 24th 2024. After this date, you will no longer be able to access the Oculus for Business service on the web or on your Quest devices, and all existing devices that have not yet migrated to our next-generation Quest for Business offering will be factory reset. We are sharing this notice to not disrupt your service and give you ample time to be able to transition to Quest for Business. See FAQ section below for migration options or find out more about our new offering Quest for Business here.

Meta is no longer selling Oculus for Business

Can customers continue to use Oculus for Business?
Meta is no longer selling Oculus for Business. However, we are committed to providing support for Oculus for Business customers until complete product retirement. While supported features will not change over time, we plan to maintain system software with critical bug fixes and security patches.


Device support
For device support visit the Oculus for Business Support Center.

Customer support
If you need further assistance, you can contact customer support here.

Migration options
For customers that are ready to migrate to Quest for Business from Oculus for Business, see your options below:

Option 1. Eligible customers (that have an existing OfB enrolled device) are now able to 'self-serve' and claim their exclusive offer. Oculus for Business customers will be able to initiate migration through their Oculus and/or Workplace admin panel, as well as clickable banners within a targeted customer email, displaying your exclusive offer - 6 months free Q4B Base + Shared Mode.
Disclaimer: This migration path is performed on a company level, and will schedule all existing OfB enrolled devices under that company ID for a bulk migration

Option 2. Customers that want to perform migration on a device level are able to raise a case directly to Customer Support through your device manager to initiate the migration, however the migration offer cannot be applied through this path.

Option 2. Customers that have open questions can discuss their options directly by contacting sales through this link or in-app banners promoting your offer.

The full terms of warranty and support for our Oculus for Business platform are available for review here: Limited Warranty and Enterprise Use Agreement Terms.

What’s changing with Oculus for Business?
In order to provide the best experience and maximum benefit for our customers, we’ve decided to evolve our platform and build multipurpose VR devices that can be used for work, play, and social. As a result, we have completed our last Oculus for Business sales. Current Oculus for Business customers can transition to a new offering, Meta Quest for Business, which is currently available as a beta program for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets. To learn more, read the blog.

What’s the last day that customers can purchase Oculus for Business?
Oculus for Business is no longer available for purchase in available markets and are encouraged to purchase new Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets and enroll in the Meta Quest for Business beta program. For more information on how to make a purchase, Contact Sales.

What will be included with the new offering, Meta Quest for Business?
Meta Quest for Business includes features and capabilities like Meta work accounts and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Meta work accounts provide a new account type to access Meta Quest headsets. Plus, Meta work accounts enable your IT team to easily access the dedicated platform functions they need, like user or account management, identity provider (IdP) and single sign-on (SSO) integrations.
Meta Quest for Business also offers Meta Quest Device Manager that helps your business scale VR deployments by providing direct control of the experience and settings across a fleet of Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro devices. And because Meta Quest Device Manager integrates with third-party MDM hooks, you can benefit from expanded capabilities. For more information click here.

What types of businesses are Meta Quest for Business intended for?
Our long-term vision is that Meta Quest for Business will serve any individual, team, small to midsize business, or enterprise that wants to use VR to improve collaboration, productivity, and remote work. For customers with more rigorous enterprise needs, we recommend onboarding to Meta Quest for Business later in 2023 when we fully launch the solution.

As an Oculus for Business customer, what are my options?
As an Oculus for Business customer, you have several options and we’ll work with you to determine the right path for your business. You can:
[Option 1] Migrate to consumer Meta Quest 2 devices to try the latest productivity features within Horizon Home, and access immersive collaboration and productivity experiences in the Oculus Store, like Horizon Workrooms, Spatial, Gravity Sketch, Arthur, and more. Our customer support agents are available to help. You can open a support ticket. When you convert the software on your Oculus for Business device(s) to the consumer version, you will be unable to revert back to Oculus for Business software in the future.
[Option 1b] Migrate to Meta Quest for Business (beta). Customers in available markets can enrol in the Meta Quest for Business beta program. Any consumer Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro can be used for Meta Quest for Business. Oculus for Business headsets can be converted to the consumer operating system by submitting a ticket to Customer Support. Conversion of Oculus for Business headsets to the consumer operating system requires a factory reset, and once completed, this action cannot be reversed.
[Option 2] Continue to use Oculus for Business. We will continue to support current Oculus for Business customers. Current customers can continue using their Oculus for Business headsets without any changes to their experience in accordance with the prescribed subscription and warranty periods under the Enterprise Use Agreement, provided that we will no longer offer renewals of Enterprise Support for the Oculus for Business platform.

Will you be shipping any more updates to Oculus for Business software?
V29 will be the final release for Oculus for Business software. Aside from security and vulnerability patches, we will not be releasing any future updates after V29.

How long will you continue to support Oculus for Business software?
We will continue to support current Oculus for Business customers until the platform retirement plans are finalized. Current customers can continue using their Oculus for Business headsets without any changes to their experience in accordance with the Enterprise Use Agreement. At purchase, you would have received a Limited Warranty for two years beginning from the earlier of the date you provision the Enterprise Software using the Device Manager Mobile Application (if applicable) or ninety days after the ship date of your headset. Subsequent Subscription Period(s) for Enterprise Support will not be offered. Renewal Subscription Period(s) for Enterprise Software are not available.

Where can I read through my EULA and Terms of Service? Where can I review the terms and conditions for Oculus for Business?
The full text of the Enterprise Use Agreement can be found here.


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